Welcome to Fert Trade! Established in 2014 Fert Trade is part of the Fertco Group. Based in sunny Mount Maunganui we offer a full range of services and products from start to finish. We are a trade only company so we don’t compete with your business. 

We import to all major New Zealand ports.

Product Assurity

All imported products have batched samples analysed by a New Zealand laboratory


Bio Gro Certified

We have an extensive range of  Bio-Gro certified organic fertiliser products

Formulate Your Product

We can include your own product into blends to formulate your own specific N-P_K requirements creating your own unique fertiliser products.

Bagging Supply

Products can be purchased in bulk or 25kg, 500kg or you can supply your own bags sizing from 25kg to 1000kg's.


We can arrange to import full containers into your choice of New Zealand port.

Flexible payments

Choose what best suits your cash flow with flexible payment terms.

View our products

If you are looking for a product that is not listed in one of the categories please contact us.

Conventional Fertilisers

We carry a full range of conventional fertilisers sourced from New Zealand and overseas.  

Bio-Gro Certified

We can help your business remain both environmentally and economically friendly, with a full full range of certified products. 

Pre-Formulated Products

We supply off the shelve pre-formulated products and liquids, making your purchasing decision easy.

Customized Blends and Mixtures

We can formulate mixes to your requirements which can include your own products and bags.

Contact us

Based in sunny Mount Maunganui we are ideally located to deliver nation wide. If you have any questions or would like to get more details give us a call or send us a message and we’ll be in touch.