Nature’s own super compost. The most highly concentrated form of compost available, Humate is the ancient remains of organic matter decomposed over millions of years.  Humate is free of any chemicals, and contains fulvic and humic acids, which are proven to help retain nutrients for plants and stimulate root development.  From the land, back to the land – increase your crop growth and yields with pure, natural Humates.

  • Increases crop growth and yield
  • Far smaller volumes than compost are required – only 100kg per hectare compared to 1000kg per hectare
  • Blend with any fertiliser for simple, cost-effective application


So, what exactly does Humate do?  Humates is a soil conditioner like no other, improving soil structure and moisture retention, releasing locked-in minerals for uptake by plants, and increasing worm populations and other biological activity in the soil.  When it’s time for planting, Humates gives your seeds the best possible start – it is natural stimulator of germination and root growth.  Using Humates with your fertiliser reduces your requirements for fertiliser application. Because in most cases, humates help make these nutrients not only more available to the plant but allow the plant to use them more efficiently.

Humates also helps your fertilisers work harder, by strengthening plant root systems and slowing the release of fertiliser in the soil. Your plants are able to absorb more nutrients and utilise them more effectively – also meaning less fertiliser released into our environment.  Humates also increases the nutritional and vitamin content of fruit and vegetables.  Also, since humates are completely decomposed, they do not enter into nutritional competition with plants for nutrients like nitrogen. In comparison, using raw or not fully decomposed compost can deplete the nitrogen levels in your soil, affecting crop growth.  Humates also reduces plant’s uptake of some heavy metals and toxic elements such as lead, aluminium and fluoride.

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